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NameOptions Wants to study Looking For Level Times (GMT+02:00) JerusalemLocated
Age: 63
Online Other - Flexible
Orach Chaim
Weekly Parsha
Halachah Yomis (3 Halachos/day)
Mishna (any meseches)
Chavrusa or
Teacher or
some experience
Attended: delamere forest special school, ohr somayach yeshiva
13:00-14:00 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr
16:15-19:15 Su Mo Tu We Th
20:15-23:15 Su Mo Tu We Th
I can Learn for:Flexible Amount
United Kingdom
Age: 45
Online Orach Chaim
Daf Yomi
Weekly Parsha
Talmud (Any Meseches)
Mishna (any meseches)
Teacher beginner
Attended: Elementary school and high school at my country
08:00-14:00 Mo Tu We Th Fr
I can Learn for:Flexible Amount
San Jose
Costa Rica
Age: 68
Online Orach Chaim Teacher some experience
Attended: english schools
02:00-03:00 Mo We Th
I can Learn for:90 Min
Cote st. luc
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